Download 漫画人国漫版 – 官方专为华人漫画打造 New Version

Download 漫画人国漫版 – 官方专为华人漫画打造 New Version

Description of 漫画人国漫版 - 官方专为华人漫画打造

– 知名漫画APP-漫画人专属定制国漫版,正版人气国漫每日更新,绝对让你先睹为快!

– 傲世九重天:一手破苍穹,一剑舞长天!
– 穿越西元3000后:尘世光影缭乱,只留一人独醉于心。
– 仙逆:修仙神作,不可错过!

– 更新自动提醒,秒速追更随时随地口袋阅读

– 支持离线下载,无网状态也可浏览漫画

– 完全适配手机阅读体验,操作简单,无需放大缩小,只需要手指一直往下滑,便可高清浏览,带给你舒适的视觉享受!

[The State of Man comic version]
– well-known comic cartoon people APP- exclusive custom version of the country diffuse, diffuse genuine popular national daily updates, never let you preview!
– More exciting day Man, please visit the official website

Super Man [country] lineup
A comprehensive set of genuine comic domestic resources
– Fate Nine days: single-handedly break the sky, sword dance long days!
– After crossing the AD 3000: blinding light and shadow on earth, leaving only one person alone drunk on the heart.
– Sin against: Cultivation to God, not to be missed!

[Ultrafast update without waiting]
– updated automatically remind seconds speed chase pocket anytime, anywhere to read more

[Offline caching provincial traffic]
– Support for offline download, network state also browse comics

[Subvert the traditional comic reading experience]
– completely fit mobile reading experience, simple operation, without zoom, just keep your finger sliding down, you can browse high-definition, give you a comfortable visual enjoyment!

Any questions or suggestions, please contact us:
QQ: 392423991
Google Community: https: // sqinv = dHlhLVFVeGJSNnBHeWZjd21HTW12bEsxN3p0REJB?
– 部分bug修正,提升使用體驗

App Information of 漫画人国漫版 - 官方专为华人漫画打造

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